Share the Gospel session videos

Session 1, video 1a: I can see clearly now

Session 1, video 1b: Fumbling the ball

Session 2, video 2: Nothing is impossible with God

Session 3, video 3a: Everyday doors and windows

Session 3, video 3b: Everyday conversations

Session 4, video 4a: You version

Session 4, video 4b: Improvised gospel explanations

Session 5, video 5a: Sample conversation

Session 5, video 5b: More conversational pathways

Session 5, video 5c: Being flexible with your presentation

Session 6, video 6: Five principles for good answers

Session 7, video 7: Responding to responses

Session 8, video 8: Disturbing and wonderful

Share the Gospel Course Videos

Answers to common questions

How do you know that God exists?

Can we trust what the Bible says about Jesus?

Hasn't science disproved Christianity?

What about all the other religions?

Isn't the important thing in every religion just to be a good person?

How can a good God allow suffering?

Is Christianity bad for women? (1)

Is Christianity bad for women? (2)

Is Christianity against all non-heterosexual sex or identity?

Share the Gospel Course Videos

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