Vinegrowers gives you the strategies and resources to build a healthy disciple-making culture in your church

Guiding and resourcing church leaders in developing a healthy community of disciple-making disciples

Tens of thousands of church leaders have read The Trellis and the Vine and come away thinking “Yes, that’s what church ministry is about—growing a healthy community of disciple-making disciples”.

But agreeing with the goal is far easier than making it happen. Changing a long-established church culture presents many challenges—not just in knowing where to start, but in knowing how to continue.

The Vinegrowers team have years of experience in thinking about these issues and talking to church leaders about them.

We understand there’s no ‘quick-fix program’ for culture change. We know church cultures don't work like that. We know it’s God and his gospel that transforms people and churches. Yet we also know there are resources, strategies and initiatives which, under God, have helped many churches undergo that transformation and become far more effective in making disciples. (See 'Why choose Vinegrowers?' below to find out more about our distinctive approach.)

So get in touch to arrange a free consultation, or dip your toe in the water first by reading our blog (‘The Vinegrower’s Trellis’) or free emails, download some free resources in our Vine Project Digital Library, or find the Matthias Media resources you need through our Resource Finder.

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We run workshops on a variety of topics related to building a disciple-making culture in churches. Find out about future workshops or about hosting.

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Why choose Vinegrowers?

We understand that there are multiple organisations and people these days who provide consulting services to churches, many with impressive expertise. So why would you choose to work with our Vinegrowers team?

The answer is short and simple: because our goal is to help you with a very specific implementation, that is, applying the principles you found yourself heartily agreeing with in The Trellis and the Vine.

Other consulting or coaching services will have their own ecclesiological goals and assumptions—whether conscious or unconscious (all too often the latter). We very intentionally work from the principles of The Trellis and the Vine.

Furthermore, because we work from the Matthias Media platform—a publishing ministry laser-focused on providing ministry resources purposely designed for implementing The Trellis and the Vine vision—we know the helpful resources that are available and how to make best use of them. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask using the form below.

Our Vinegrowers team

Marty Sweeney

Marty Sweeney

Executive Director
Matthias Media US

Marty started Matthias Media USA in 2006 and continues to lead its operations. He also plays an important role in the global work of MM as the overseer of all content. Since 2011, Marty has been a pastor at Old North Church in Canfield, Ohio, where he has played a key role in developing a culture of disciple-making and training.

Ian Carmichael

Ian Carmichael

Publishing Consultant
Matthias Media AU

Ian has spent over three decades as a key leader in Matthias Media's publishing ministry. Along with leadership roles in various churches and on the Board of the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS), he now has many years of thinking strategically and practically about disciple-making within a church context.

Lindsey Yeagley

Lindsey Yeagley

Marketing Director
Matthias Media US

Lindsey's main focus is to convey a clear message about the mission of Matthias Media and Vinegrowers. She enjoys leading Bible study in her home and discipling others one-to-one. Lindsey has been on the Matthias Media team since 2017.

"I would wholeheartedly encourage people to join in the free consultation! I found the pre-questions thought-provoking and useful. And I found the interaction and recommendations to be very significant and helpful." - John B (Michigan)

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