Vinegrowers consultations

Vinegrowers offers a free 45-minute call with one of our team, during which you will receive a fresh and objective perspective on your current situation, and some clear and concrete recommendations for next steps on your journey to being a disciple-making church. 

Beyond the initial free consultation, we do also offer ongoing support via partnership calls on a paid basis. However, our capacity to provide that continuing service is sufficiently limited that our goal is always to provide as much help as we can to as many churches as we can through the initial free call.

There are some other things we offer (see below), but the free consultation is the heart of it all, because it's where we can really develop a personal and meaningful gospel partnership.

How to sign up for the free consultation

1. Send us an expression of interest using the form below.

2. We will then send you a questionnaire to fill in and return to us, which helps us form a picture of where you, your church and your church culture are currently up to.

3. Once we have reviewed your questionnaire responses, we will offer you some appointment times for your free consultation call. These calls will last from 45-60 minutes, and could be with just you, or with a small leadership team (of up to three people).

4. At the conclusion of our call we will email you a written summary of our recommendations. We may also include information about any ongoing paid services we can provide as you continue on your change journey.

Contact us / Register your interest in a free consultation

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