About Who Will Be King?

Who Will Be King? is a simplified version of Two Ways to Live designed for kids aged 7-11. But actually we've found it is useful for a whole lot of other evangelistic contexts as well.

With colourful illustrations and crystal-clear language that kids can understand, Who Will Be King? is a resource for anyone who wants to share the Two Ways to Live gospel outline with children from ages 7 to 11. There are no doubt many ways of making use of this excellent little resource, and we look forward to hearing feedback from our customers about how they've done so. (If you have, send us an email.)

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Who Will be King?

A colourfully illustrated and engaging adaptation of Two Ways to Live developed for children.


Who will be King? Activity Book

An fun and absorbing activity book explaining the gospel, based on the Who Will Be King? tract.


Who Will be King? (Chinese)

The Who Will be King? tract, faithfully translated into Chinese, using simplified Chinese characters.


Using Who Will Be King?

To get you started, here are the kinds of ways we can see Who will be King? being used:

  • As a tract to give to your children, young relatives, friends and neighbours. For a child aged 7-11 (approximately), the booklet works well as a stand-alone explanation of the gospel. It's something they can read, and re-read, and talk to you about afterwards.
  • As a ‘follow-up’ giveaway booklet for beach missions, kids' clubs, school Scripture lessons, and so on—anywhere that you've been reaching out to kids, and want to give them something to go home with.
  • As a means of chatting through the gospel with your own children. Give them the booklet to read, and then the following night sit down with them and start working through the six points (take your time; perhaps deal with just one page/point each time). Talk through each page, answering their questions, reading the Bible verses (at the back of the booklet) and checking that they've understood the content. At the end, you can talk together about what it means to be a Christian, and whether they want to live God's way.
  • As the basis for a series of lessons at Sunday School to really communicate and clarify the message of the Gospel with the children, and to show them that becoming a Christian is about accepting Jesus as their king. This series of 8 lessons (PDF), from Teaching Little Ones, can be used freely for non-commercial, ministry purposes. They are written for children aged between 6 and 8.
  • As a basis for lessons at school Scripture, where the goal may not be so much memorizing the gospel, as teaching kids the content of the gospel and challenging them to become Christians. The six colours used for the six main points can be used as the basis for memorable activities (using coloured beads to make a bracelet, or coloured lollies on a stick) to help reinforce the main points. This could be one special lesson that works through the gospel, or a series of six lessons.
  • As a form of children's evangelism, using the tract as a basis for a series of lessons could also be pursued at beach missions, summer camps, holiday clubs, and so on.

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