Download pastor’s guide

This guide is for pastors and church leaders. It sets out:

  • what The Generosity Project is and what it’s trying to achieve
  • how you can utilize The Generosity Project to change the culture of generosity in your church.
Download group leader’s guide

This guide is for small group leaders who are planning to work through The Generosity Project material in their small groups. It sets out:

  • what The Generosity Project is and what it’s trying to achieve
  • what general things you need to know in order to lead your group through The Generosity Project
  • specific notes for each session.

You can also download a promotional postcard, poster and projector slide to print or email.

Tony Payne's video tips for group leaders

A general introduction for group leaders

Session 1 tips

Session 2 tips

Session 3 tips

Session 4 tips

Session 5 tips

Session 6 tips


Add seven prayers for generosity to your PrayerMate app. Just go to your app’s ‘add’ screen, scroll down to ‘My walk with God’ and then select it from the choices listed.

Interview with Jonty Allcock and Simon Pillar

Author and contributor discussion

An excerpt from the Generosity Roundtable, with John Stevens and Tony Payne talking about The Generosity Project.

The Generosity Project and the pandemic in the room

Matthias Media CEO, Ian Carmichael, addresses the issue of how the disruptions of life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic might impact the question of whether/when to run The Generosity Project in your church. Watch the video below or download the transcript.

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