Session videos (1a - 6)

Introducing The Generosity Project

God, the generous creator and sustainer

Our heart problem and God's solution

A new generous life

The downside and upside of money

Generosity and gospel partnership

From principle to practice

Session videos on Vimeo (downloadable):

Session 1a (book page 11, 7 mins 34 secs)

Session 1b (book page 21, 7 mins 55 secs)

Session 2 (book page 36, 13 mins 49 secs)

Session 3 (book page 58, 14 mins 29 secs)

Session 4 (book page 78, 11 mins 54 secs)

Session 5 (book page 97, 13 mins 42 secs)

Session 6 (book page 116, 10 mins 14 secs)

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Real world stories

Money—a love story

Welcoming strangers

Gospel partners

A house built on generosity

A church planted with generosity

Investing in the harvest

The community pantry

Real world stories on Vimeo (downloadable):

Money: a love story (5 mins 37 secs)
In 2008, Manoj was brought to his knees when he lost millions of pounds in the financial crash as well as nearly losing his young son.

Welcoming strangers (7 mins 25 secs)
When Raphael and his family arrived from Burundi as asylum seekers, generosity flowed from God's people at a church in Sydney.

Gospel partners (4 mins 08 secs)
Walking alongside Jason as he serves in a poor area of London, is Tim who is praying, giving and encouraging him.

A house built on generosity (4 mins 08 secs)
Ellen and Ryan budgeted for generosity when they planned the building of their new house.

A church planted with generosity (6 mins 34 secs)
A church in Manchester gave away more money and people than they could afford to a new church plant. But God provided.

Investing in the harvest (5 mins 53 secs)
An elderly man gave his life savings to finance a strategic international student ministry at Grace Church, Manchester.

The community pantry (5 mins 16 secs)
Christians at a church in Sydney decided to start a soup kitchen to share God’s love with people in their community.

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