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Try this sobering exercise:

  • Work out how many regular members in your congregation earn a salary.
  • Google the average weekly earnings for your suburb.
  • Calculate what your church budget would be if 80% of those salary-earners gave 5% of their income to support the work of the church.
  • Compare it to what you currently receive.
  • Get depressed.

But the problem The Generosity Project seeks to address is deeper than the battle to meet the church budget—although that’s one symptom of it. It’s demonstrated more clearly by how hard many churches find it to convince members to give their time, effort and expertise to ministries.

The conviction underlying The Generosity Project is that in the church networks of the UK and Australia the culture of generosity is weak. We don’t talk about it, we aren’t excited by it, and there is precious little evidence of us being driven by it.

This is a problem worth addressing—not, we hasten to add, just to improve the bottom line. Generosity is a basic fruit of the godly Christian life. It’s a glad response to the grace of God in the gospel. If generosity is weak, then some-thing is weak in the spiritual heart of our congregations.

Well-balanced, deeply challenging, biblically rich and unavoidably practical. I was looking for areas that may have been neglected, but failed to find any. If we are inexcusably reluctant to talk about this subject, The Generosity Project will hopefully help break this silence.

David Martin
Director, Irish Church Missions

This is a long overdue note that needs striking.

Trevor Archer
London Director for FIEC UK

I found it hugely exciting thinking of the good this could do, and I will certainly make use of it.

David Gibson
Minister, Trinity Church, Aberdeen

It is excellent, highly usable, perceptive, challenging, clear, faithful and very well-produced. Its potential uses, from the individual Christian to the corporate, are very exciting.

Trevor Johnston
Minister, All Saints' Church, Belfast

What is The Generosity Project?

The Generosity Project is a six-part teaching resource for use in small groups that stands at the centre of a larger strategy to shift the culture of generosity in your congregation. We’ve put together an integrated set of resources that prayerfully applies the word of God to people’s hearts so that, by God’s power and grace, they might arrive at:

  • a powerful, clarified understanding of what generosity is and how it grows
  • a renewed generous heart that longs to give to others
  • a fresh language for talking about generosity within the congregation
  • a new resolve to put all this into practice in various areas of their lives.

Now, seeing this kind of change take place will require time, persistence, prayer and a multi-faceted approach. Church cultures don’t change simply by running everyone through a few Bible studies—the existing culture is usually too deep-rooted and slow-moving for that.

That’s why we’d strongly recommend that you view the resource called The Generosity Project not as a one-off cure-all to your generosity problems, but as one central piece in much larger effort at church culture-change.

The Generosity Project resource does look like a book, and contains some sections of text to read, but it is not a ‘book’ in the normal sense of that word. It’s not something for someone to pick up and read on their own. It is specifically designed as an interactive resource—something you work through with others.

What's a session like?

The resource falls into six parts that a small group would work through over six weeks. Each part contains:

An engagement with the text of Scripture; participants dig into various Bible passages and discuss together what these texts teach about generosity.

Some teaching input that ties together the various themes emerging from Scripture and presents the key content for that part; this input comes in two forms, a video and a printed chapter, that groups can choose between.

A final application section; the key lessons and implications that have emerged are discussed, applied and prayed about.

Who needs the book?

It’s important to get a copy of The Generosity Project for every member of the group so that:

  • each member can write in one place the key biblical truths and insights that come out of the discussion and input, and then be able to reflect and pray over these in the following week
  • each member can read the text summary of the teaching input at their leisure and consolidate the ideas
  • there is a shared and visible sense that the group and congregation are doing something significant collectively—we all bring our books to the group and use them together.
The Generosity Project workbook