Vine work during a pandemic: video interviews

Taking our cue from the imagery Paul uses in Colossians 1:5-6, we’ve likened the dynamic gospel growth in the lives of Christians to a spreading, fruitful vine. The vine is supported by a trellis—any structure in which people can get together to grow. Trellises are necessary for the vine to grow, but it is the growth of the vine that is cherished.

Matthias Media's US Director, Marty Sweeney, has recorded interviews with pastors and leaders from around the world to talk about how they are doing 'vine work' in this time of pandemic and lockdown (brief topic descriptions are provided below the videos).

Rory Shiner: The lead pastor of multiple congregations discusses how he is innovating ministry structures during this time.
Peter Sanlon: This pastor of a small London start-up church tells how he is keeping up with all his people while training others to help in this labour.
Ian Carmichael: A small group leader’s perspective on leadership ‘from below’ and the role of giving and generosity.
Tony Payne: The co-author of The Trellis and Vine talks through what vine work looks like in his part of the world.
Matt Schneider: How a large historic church is making their church smaller and training more shepherds.
Jonathan Carswell: What could evangelism look like during a lockdown?
Craig Glassock: What ways can churches keep progressing in training Word workers?
Colleen McFadden: What does discipleship look like now?