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A business, a charity, a ministry?

A business, a charity, a ministry?

As another financial year comes to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your partnership and support of Matthias Media in a financial year like no other. The pandemic was tough for many businesses and ministries; Matthias Media was no exception, but we praise God for partners who have continued to use our resources to advance the gospel and God’s kingdom.

June is when many charities and ministries ask their supporters for extra help before the end of the tax year. We are also in need of that help—but it’s a more difficult conversation. People rightly ask, “Isn’t Matthias Media a business, not a charity or ministry? Don’t they sell books and resources, and that’s how they’re funded?”

In many ways this is true, but Matthias Media is and has always been a ministry. A ministry of partnership and encouragement. A ministry that seeks, under God, to serve him and his people, encouraging them to fulfil the Great Commision and make disciples. A ministry that is not about publishing books by high-profile Christians in a chase for big sales, but about faithfully making more disciples who make more disciples—disciples who share his grace and mercy to the lost. A ministry that relies on the support of its partners in that Great Commission.

We believe you partner with us in four ways.

Buy: Every time you purchase a resource from Matthias Media, it helps sustain our ministry. Our hope and prayer is that it will also bless you and those that you minister to by using it.

Share: We really need you to tell others about our work, because disciple-making ministry is important for all churches and Christians to take part in. We need you to tell others about us and the resources you found useful. Even things like sharing an email or a link from our website can be extremely helpful.

To help with the buying and the sharing, we’ve made a coupon page that you can use and share with as many people as you like so that they can try our resources. Don’t be shy!

Pray: We are fallible humans in a fallen world. We cannot accomplish anything without God. Please pray that he would keep our authors and staff from sin, our resources faithful to the gospel, our motives pure for the kingdom, and our finances sufficient to continue.

Give: Now the “is Matthias Media a business or a ministry?” question gets real. Our goal is to be self-sustaining, but, since our aim is to publish what’s important rather than what’s popular, the last few years have been difficult. We believe that resources for disciple-making continue to be the important thing—and that, as society trends further towards secularism, will only become more important. We do all we can to sustain the ministry, but if you also believe in the importance of disciple-making resources and are able to give, even a little, to the ministry of Matthias Media, it would certainly help us continue. Please, donate here.

If you have any questions or thoughts, I'd love to hear them! Choose a method from the contact page, and the team will make sure you get through to me.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in Christ!


Gavin Shume

Gavin has worked in Christian bookselling and ministry since 1998. Before joining Matthias Media he was the National Marketing & Buying Manager of Koorong Books, the COO of Open Doors Australia & New Zealand and ran his own consultancy company helping gospel-centred Christian ministries be more effective in their mission. He is married to Claire and they have three daughters and three grandsons.
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