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Products in the pipeline

Products in the pipeline

I’m thrilled and excited. I’m also worried.

I’m excited by all the new resources that are in the pipeline here at Matthias Media. It really does feel like we are in a bit of a ‘purple patch’ in terms of high-quality authors writing heaps of seriously useful disciple-making resources. Like the above, for example.

There is so much to look forward to in the next nine months of our publishing ministry. (See the end of this post for a full list of the upcoming resources.)

But I’m worried. The last couple of years have been tough for us. The pandemic had a major impact on ministries everywhere, and this obviously impacted our sales of resources and therefore our ability to fund our work from those sales (which we have always attempted—and generally succeeded!—to do). As a result, our financial resources to do this ministry have been significantly diminished, and we find ourselves needing help.

Bottom line: we need your financial support to help us continue our ministry. Not just continue it—give it a boost and grow it back to the point of being self-funding again.

Would you be willing to help?

You can donate online, and we guarantee we will put any amount you give to good use.

If a tax-deductible donation is important to you, or you’d like to consider sponsoring the production costs of one of the upcoming resources or the work of one of our team members, I would be very keen to chat with you about those options. You can contact me directly at

Thank you for taking the time and care to donate. We really do hate asking, because we know there are lots of valuable ministries that need ongoing financial support. But we’re also confident that you share our belief that this publishing ministry is important, that discipleship isn’t discretionary, and that—God willing—Matthias Media will continue to have a significant part to play in his work of making disciples and growing Jesus’ kingdom.

Until the Lord Jesus returns,


Exciting new resources waiting to be printed


Learn the Gospel


An eight-session course based on the Two Ways to Live framework that helps both new and old believers understand and learn the gospel.


Share the Gospel


An eight-session course based on the Two Ways to Live framework that builds on Learn the Gospel, helping Christians share their faith and hope in Jesus.


The Manual


What does healthy masculinity look like in a world quick to call any masculinity toxic? How does the Bible help men understand and accept their role in the relationships in their lives?


When the Noise Won't Stop


“Do not be anxious about anything”: Easy to say but not so easy in reality. From personal experience and with a pastor’s heart, Paul Grimmond works through what the Bible says about anxiety, offering encouragement and comfort to the many affected by it. 


Christian Essentials


A unique mix of imagined perspectives of people in Acts, Bible study and teaching exploring nine essential characteristics of every Christian.




A biblical exploration of our seemingly endlessly busy lives and how the good news of Jesus can genuinely reorder our daily grind.


Gathered Together


What is church? What’s it for and why go? What does God expect of our gatherings? How does our gathering influence our time apart? Gathered Together is clear, biblical, honest and timely teaching on these questions and many more.


The Life of Faith


Knowing the God who creates, the Creator who saves and Saviour who is Lord is the central theme of this wonderful book. A must-read for everyone who is serious about knowing and loving God.


Eager to Serve


Using Philippians as a guiding text, Ray Galea encourages readers to face their fears, count the cost and “step up” in gospel ministry.


The Coming of the Holy Spirit


Phillip Jensen’s deep dive into what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit. A sweeping theology of the Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation.


Water For My Camels


The sub-title explains: “navigating the space between singleness and marriage when the Bible doesn’t talk about dating”. Warm, practical, biblical advice and encouragement.


The Vine Movement


This will be the go-to book on how the church and parachurch relate to each other. How can churches and parachurches think about and relate to each other well? How can they encourage and support each other for the growth of the gospel and the glory of God?

Interactive Bible Studies

  • Nahum
  • Luke
  • 1 Corinthians

Pathway Bible Guides

  • Song of Songs
  • 1 Peter

Gavin Shume

Gavin has worked in Christian bookselling and ministry since 1998. Before joining Matthias Media he was the National Marketing & Buying Manager of Koorong Books, the COO of Open Doors Australia & New Zealand and ran his own consultancy company helping gospel-centred Christian ministries be more effective in their mission. He is married to Claire and they have three daughters and three grandsons.