Adult households

Whether a married couple, a group of housemates, or some other combination of adults, many of us are spending a lot of time in our homes with each other. These resources will be useful to make the most of the time to encourage each other in your discipleship of the Lord Jesus.

Living By Faith: Habakkuk (by Ian Carmichael) — If we recommend a book of the Bible for you to study together, you might think we’d start with the book of Job! But the much smaller book of Habakkuk also has much to say to us in a time when we may be wondering whether God really cares about the goings-on of this world. What does it mean to ‘live by faith’? But we’d also suggest Job… 

The Eye of the Storm: Job (by Bryson Smith) — … because Job is a book about life as it really is: where good things happen, bad things happen, and just plain confusing things happen; where there is grief and agonizing and asking why; and where there is God, whom we know is Lord of all, yet whose ways we don't always understand. These studies take us to the heart of Job, and to the valuable lessons it teaches us about life and suffering and the true wisdom of God.

But having recommended those two Bible studies in particular, there are plenty of other useful Bible studies you could do together in your household (like To the Householder!)—and they are all available as PDF and Word files if you want to skip postage. Just pick a part of Scripture that interests you all and get started.

Short Steps for Long Gains (by Simon Manchester) — For something a little different, and to facilitate good discussion, why not work through this booklet with someone else—either in your house or online. The booklet contains 26 short Bible studies (starting with A for Assurance and finishing with Z for zeal) based on a Bible verse, with half a dozen questions to stimulate encouraging conversation and prayer. It's the kind of thing you can do over a meal.

Growing in Prayer (by Stephen Shead) — What a key time and opportunity to be working on your prayer life as Christians! This book is a four-week program of daily reflections for developing the habit of prayerful living. It also includes four Bible studies on prayer for individual or group use. Why not do the daily reflections on your own, but get together once a week to do the Bible study together and encourage each other in prayerfulness?

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