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CEO Announcement

CEO Announcement

MEDIA RELEASE | 14 July 2020

Matthias Media Chief Executive Officer, Ian Carmichael, has announced he will be stepping down from the CEO role later this year. 

“After over three decades of day-to-day involvement in Matthias Media’s publishing ministry, it is time for me to step aside for someone younger, and for me to find new ways to contribute to the mission of this organization that I remain deeply committed to—the mission of being useful and encouraging  partners in making disciples of the Lord Jesus.” 

Mr Carmichael was part of the team that started Matthias Media back in 1988 as an activity of St Matthias’ Anglican Church in Sydney, along with Editor, Tony Payne, and Founder, Phillip Jensen. 

“We had no idea back then that the ministry would still be around in 32 years, let alone be appreciated around the world for the hundreds of helpful books and resources it has published”, Mr Carmichael said. “God has been so very kind!”

The Matthias Media board of directors will now conduct a strategic review before beginning a search for a new leader of the Australian arm of the organisation. 

With the departure at the end of 2019 of Tony Payne from his day-to-day operational role, and now this announcement from the current CEO, the board is conscious of its need to oversee a transition to a next generation of leadership. But they will do so knowing they are not losing the involvement of the ‘old heads’.

“I hope I can help with that transition in an honorary capacity”, Mr Carmichael said. “Leading the Australian operation is a challenging role, and I’d like to be a useful support to whoever takes that job on. I’d also  like to help assist the global management team that will together take the Australian, American and UK arms of the publishing ministry into the future. But I accept that a new team will do things differently to the way I might have done them. If I am to have an ongoing involvement, it has to be a help, not a hindrance.”

Marty Sweeney will continue as the Executive Director of Matthias Media’s US operation (as he has since 2006), which is a separate—but closely connected—organisation, and Tony Payne will continue to serve as a non-executive director of the Australian company.

Board Chairman, Sandy Grant said “We are full of gratitude to God for Ian’s steady wisdom, dogged persistence, and laser-like gospel focus  in leading Matthias Media’s operations here and globally for so long. Tony and Ian have led Matthias Media  together for decades, and the Board has not had to do this sort of recruitment exercise before. So we’re glad of the prayers of all those who value Matthias Media’s contribution to the gospel cause for these next steps.”

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